Flute Course for Beginners

Flute Course for Beginners. Introduction to Music: Hindusthani Sangeet

Course for Beginners :  Duration 1 years:

  • Introduction to Music: Hindusthani Sangeet
  • An excellent quality tuned Bansuri is essential to start learning. Always we need to buy Bansuri from good flute makers.
  • Producing The Sound In Bansuri. How to blow on flute/bansuri and sitting posture to play the flute.
  • Guideline to maintain your physical health: an important part for musician and especially for flute player.
  • Practicing Yoga and pranayama for a breathing exercise.
  • Swaras and The Symbols in Bansuri Music Learning. Understanding The Bansuri Notations and Alankars
  •  Importants of Rhythm and Laya in Bansuri Learning.
  • Lower octaves practice, Lower octaves on different scale of flute with Basic Alankars.
  • Learn to use tonguing process and production of Sound.
  • Speed practice of Alankar and Gamak and Kan swar.
  • Practice of Alankar on 10 different “Thats” of Hindusthani Classical Music
  • Introduction to Rag: Bhupali, Yaman, Durga
  • Beginner’s song tutorial: 10 Songs, Kirtan, Bhajan, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti.