Buy Flute : Where to Buy ?

Buy flute but Where to Buy? How to understand tuned flute?

Flute means here we are talking about Indian Bambo flute. What popularly know as Basuri, Banshi, Venu etc.

If anyone wants to learn Flute in a proper way – the He/She would have to follow the guidelines as appended below:-

  1. From the beginning of your flute journey  – You need a properly Tuned Flute. It is advisable to have tuned flute from a reliable source that is a man who is experienced in flute and making – otherwise, an untuned flute will give you a wrong idea about Shruti/notes and to correct that, flute payer will suffer a lot.
  2. Buying several Flutes of various different scales at a time – is not at all advisable &/or required. One flute is enough to learn the flute. An adult person can start with C# Middle. (Sometimes to reduce the monotony you may keep a few flutes with you if you can effort. Suggestions: F middle, C# Middle, A# Base and G# Base.)
  3. Depending upon Age of the learner, his/her abilities in the flexibility of fingering/ blowing etc Scale of Flutes/ sizes of flutes – can be purchased gradually.
  4. There is 12 type of Scales viz : C C# D  D#  E  F  F# G  G# A  A# B.

How sizes of Flute are defined?

Sizes of these flutes depend upon the type of Notes ie Base, Medium, smaller etc.

Base flutes are costlier & of bigger size marked known as  : BB  , CC ,  DD , EE, FF …

Medium size flutes are marked normally like  : C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B …

Flutes of Upper Notes ie high pitch are known as Piccolo – ie smaller size.

  1. However, Students of tender age between  4 to 5 years – piccolo size flutes  C  is suggested. Gradually he/she may go for opting  : D  E  F …..etc depending upon his/her fingering flexibilities.
  2. For the students aged between  8 to 12  years medium  size flutes  :  C#  C  ….etc is suggested.
  3. For the students aged above  12 years may go for Flutes of bigger sizes , Base flutes etc

However, flutes of scales:- FF, EE, DD is suggested for the advanced students.

Prices of Flutes :

Non-tuned Flutes can be purchased ranging from Rs 50/-  to Rs 500/- per unit . It is advised not to go for those flutes.

Properly Tuned Flutes: Piccolo size: A, A#, B, C#, C, G, G#   @ Rs 800 /- per flute.

Properly Tuned Flutes: Medium size: F#, F , E , D# , D Medium @ Rs  1500 /- per flute

Properly Tuned Flutes  : Medium  size : C#, C , B, A# , A  @ Rs  2000 /- per flute.

Properly Tuned Flutes  : Base size :    G#, G  @ Rs   3000 /- per flute.

Properly Tuned Flutes  : Base size  :   F#, FF  @ Rs   3500 /- per flute.

Properly Tuned Flutes  : Base size  :    EE  @ Rs   4500 /- per flute.

Properly Tuned Flutes  : Base size :  DD, D# D# ,   @ Rs   6000 /- per flute.

Properly Tuned Flutes  : Base size  :  CC, C#C#  @ Rs   8000 /- per flute.

Original  Cash  Memo can be provided o payment of GST (extra in addition to abobe-mentioned prices)

Cost of Cloth Cover (waterproof) @ Rs 700/- + PVC Rs 600/-(if required) would be extra per set of flutes –upto medium sizes. Cost of Bag for bigger sizes would be per unit –depending upon its size .

NB : Cost of its Packaging, Parcelling, Speed Post, Registered Post, Courier Services etc would be extra.

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