Learn Flute, Indian Bambo Flute

What you’ll learn

  • students learn how to hold flute properly , major scale playing , finger practice lessons , play Alankaars, bhupali raag, khamaj raag, des raag, Shivranjani raag and durga raag, some flute tunes and basic theory and practical of indian classical
  • Main focus on step by step learning and practice …..practice …. and more practice
  • students get confidence in playing flute ,students will know basic music theory.
  • students will play indian raaga and indian songs. students will get downloadble pdf sheets
  • students can play flute with metronome and rhythem instruments
  • students will get 33 lectures and 4 hours videos lessons
  • We have add two practice session on 4 / 4 beats and 3/4beats for practice

Duration :

        • Beginners – 1.5 year program
        • Intermediate – 1 year program
        • Advanced – 2 year program



  • Required only a Tuned flute of any scale .
  • No need of any music book ,stand and experience of music.
  • Required only Interest in music , willingness to learn music , positive attitude towards learning new things
  • most important thing is stealing time to practice more and more .



This is a perfect place to learn from starting. learn at your own time schedule and save money. We have  specially design videos to learn flute easy , systematically and technically .  we are sure you will enjoy with fun learning.

” Perfect practice in playing flute is the key of Success ”

Getting started to play a flute a little bit difficult but Step by Step learning through my beginners  course Level-I , it is very much easy to learn flute. I have cleared all the doubts at the beginners level, to reduce  stress level students join this awesome course. We have made a quality product course only for you.

” Music is the Medicine of Brain ”


What will learn after completing this course :

  1.  Holding the  flute properly.
  2. Produce sound and breathing control.
  3.  Play sa re ga ma and ( C  D  E  F  G ) major scale on flute
  4. Play and learn different Alankaraas  and  many  lessons.
  5. practice with Metronome : 3 parts
  6. learn different raag on kalyan thaat , Bilawal Thaat, Khamaj Thaat and Kafi Thaat.
  7. indian famous tunes  on flute.
  8. Practice session with tabla

9.Understanding  4th , 8th and 16th notes on flute

  1. How many flutes a beginners should have.
  2. Rhythm section on tabla for 4 beats pattern and 3 beats patterns.
  3. No . of  Video  lesson 35 .

13  Duration of total videos  4 Hours.

Who this course is for:

who is interested to learn wind instrument (Wooden Flute)

No age bar for flute learning any body who is interested can learn to play flute .


Extreme Beginner

where private flute teachers are not available or expensive.

No need to join this course for those who is already playing intermediate level flute